The Miyamoto Mafia Series


The Miyamoto Mafia Series features three 20,000+ word novellas which follow the life of an African woman teaching in Japan and her fateful love interest, the violent son of a large Tokyo yakuza mafia boss... 

If you're on this page, my guess is you're frustrated with how AMBW romance has been ignored by mainstream romance, even in the interracial genre...

Well, BWWM will always be my first love, but I wanted to read out to AMBW romance readers and give them the mafia fantasy come to life that other genres have set in stone... If you love regular mafia romance novels with devilishly handsome bad boys and thrilling plots that keep you hanging on all the way to the end, you'll love this series.

Each novel is steamy hot and great if you love romantic stories or AMBW/BWAM interracial romance fiction with bad boys.

If you like...

  • Asian bad boy romance

  • African American "hood romance"

  • STEAMY novellas with plenty of erotic scenes

You'll love this series, I know it. I dare you to read 'em all and if you can prove me wrong, email me at! Check out the books and description below:


Book #1

There are 3 high ranking positions in the Miyamoto family mafia. To gain rank, you must complete ritual assassinations from “The List” — a list of Miyamoto Mafia Enemies

The life in the Miyamoto Mafia runs by stringent rules:

You must be branded.

You must remain celibate.

No eating meat.

No drinking liquor.

No smoking.

No interracial relationships.

Purity is everything. 純度がすべてです

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Book #2

The second book in the series explores the romance a little deeper and forces the Japanese mafia son to make an important choice.

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Book #3

The third book is where the biggest choices get made. To become an emperor, he’ll have to give up everything, maybe even the woman he loves.

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